Sunday, 29 December 2013

The City of Love

Hey everyone,
Happy Holidays I hope you're having fun and enjoying family time because that's what it's all about! I wish everyone lots of Love and Happiness :):)

First I apologize for not being able to update my diary :) I been not feeling well it's that time of year again I guess. I am feeling much better now but I still need to rest a lot. We all know that ain't happening soon hahaha
There's so much to do and family and friends to see but I did had a little weekend with my boyfriend. Yes, yes we went to Paris the city of Love!! Indeed there is a lot of love in the air like it's contagious :) I was amazed by the History of this city called Love. Take a look ;)

Stay Fabulous - Love and Light!

Hat and skirt (H&M), sweater (New Look), shoes (Zara) and jewelry (Six)
Coat, boots and briefcase bag (Zara)